ERC20 BCH tokens on Ethereum

A hard-fork of the Original bitcoin project aimed at solving speed and scalability issues of Bitcoin. It aims to realize the true potential of Bitcoin as a form of p2p electronic cash.

Exchange with ease and simplicity.

Simple 1:1 conversion with BCH, No limits. No exchange loss. No hassles.


Current exchange rate

QBCH was launched by QuickCash, and the token was issued on Ethereum. QBCH strictly abides by the 1:1 reserve guarantee, that is, every time a QBCH is issued, its asset depository address will have an asset guarantee of 1 BCH, ensuring that users can use QBCH and BCH for 1:1 exchange at any time.

Launch date::Q3 2020

Issuing public chain:Ethereum

Use QC to Quickly link your global resources

Everyday more and more wallets, exchanges, platforms, applications and service providers partner with QuickCash to support the QC token. Together we will change the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem for the better.