ZB.com (ZB) launches QC-DeFi mining with SUSHI and SWRV rewards

2020-09-17 09:00:00

    As announced on ZB.com, ZB DeFi launched a QC-DeFi yield farming pool at 18:00 on September 16, HKT. There are currently no limits in place for the deposit amount, total pool size or restrictions to deposit time. Users may participate by depositing QC into the DeFi yield farming pool and earn daily interest in the form of SUSHI and SWRV coins.

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     The first half of 2020 has seen a massive rise in the development of DeFi applications. DeFi has become a hot topic in the blockchain world drawing a huge amount of investment from people all over trying to get in on the action. As of September 15th, the total value of assets locked up in DeFi applications exceeded $8.2 billion USD. As such, making sure that these digital assets, including stablecoins, abide by the constantly evolving regulatory frameworks around the world are of great importance to the market.

Qcash prioritizes regulatory compliance in the ever changing stablecoin market propelling not only trust and usability of the Qcash coin, but also Qcash’s adoption into emerging application environments.

     Statistics show that current cross-wallet circulation of Qcash (QC) exceeds 1 billion tokens with adoption increasing as more and more mainstream wallets, exchanges, DeFi and OTC platforms support Qcash (QC). Qcash will actively participate in the development of emerging DeFi ecosystems with implementation for further application scenarios planned.

     In recent news, Uniswap has added a QC/USDT exchange pair with the liquidity of the trading pair seeing a maximum rise of up to 3900%. DeFi mechanisms allow for OTC transactions with easy accessibility, usability and a minimal threshold for participation. As QC pricing is soft anchored 1:1 with the offshore RMB, it is safe and avoids the risk of drastic price fluctuations making it the perfect store of value.

    ZB.com has also recently launched its own DeFi operation with QC yield farming now available. As QC continues to develop in these diversified fields, we hold the absolute belief that the popularity of QC will continue to grow to become not only a leader in the cryptocurrency space, but to become a safe haven for traditional financial markets. We are constantly building partnerships and cooperating with platforms to build our reach and ensure Qcash becomes the trusted stablecoin of choice for our users.