QBTC exchange launches QC trading zone

2020-02-20 12:00:00

    According to QBTC.INK officials, QBTC exchange launched QC trading zone on February 20, 2020.

    At present, QBTC.INK, ZBG.comZB.comBW.io and other exchanges have launched QC trading pairs.

    QC, also known as Qcash, is an independent digital currency based on the Quantum chain smart contract and issued by the Qcash Foundation. Its price is 0.15 USD (about 1 RMB). The Qcash Foundation makes part of it into circulation by mortgaging digital currencies. QC in circulation is mortgaged according to 100% value. The collateral can be BTC, ETH, LTC, QTUM, etc. All users participate in the mortgage and the public display. 
    The collateral is evenly distributed and uniformly held by the Foundation.