Stable Coin QC based on pledge issue will be launched on multiple exchanges in June

2019-05-13 10:10:00

    Bitcoin transactions are currently ranked by currency, with QC at 3.78 per cent, according to cryptocompare. Early QC was based on the QRC20 blockchain technology, after three years of operation, the current total circulation has reached 1.873 billion, and more than 20 exchanges online, including ZB and other five significant transaction markets, with more than 200 qualified exchange teams.

    It is reported that QuickCash will release the QC ERC20 version in June, launched on several well-known exchange markets. QuickCash supports mortgaged Ethereum assets to issue stable coins, and the pledged assets supported are selected stable coins such as USDT, TUSD, GUSD, USDC, PAX, etc.

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    Using the US dollar to stabilise the pledge of the currency, it can suppress the fluctuation of the value of the collateral in the current market downturn, enhance the user's confidence in the market, and allow users to trust the stable currency issued by QuickCash.

     The QuickCash business is implemented through smart contracts with 100% decentralisation, free circulation, exchange rate stability, and security compliance.

     In the future, the QuickCash system will be able to scale to any blockchain platform that enables smart contracts quickly and will also issue corresponding versions of QuickCash stable coins on EOS and TRX.