The new QC stable coin edition will be launched, how it differs from the old version?

2019-03-02 16:20:00

    In the past, QuickCash's first QC stable coin was released on QTUM and tested its calm and safe features in the long-term market circulation.

    QuickCash will now release a stable ERC20 compliant coin based on Ethereum and through a smart contract. The reason that QuickCash chooses Ethereum is its ecological diversity, high demand for stable coins, and the adoption of the ERC-20 by most decentralised exchanges.

    QuickCash supports collateralised Ethereum assets to issue stable currencies, and supports ETH and specified types of stable coins such as USDT, TUSD, GUSD, USDC, PAX, etc.

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    The QuickCash system can be quickly extended to any blockchain platform that enables smart contracts. We will also be releasing a corresponding version of QuickCash stable coin on EOS and TRX as soon as possible.

    In the coming year, we will take advantage of Ethereum's broad market acceptance and stable currency ecology to launch a decentralised stable coin QC based on Ethereum's smart contract.

It is easy for everyone to mortgage mainstream digital assets such as BTC, ETH and ERC20 and EOS to obtain different versions of QuickCash Stable Currency.

    At the same time, QuickCash will continue to integrate with global financial markets to diversify its mortgage assets and include gold certificates, equities and other digital assets in the QuickCash mortgage asset basket.