ZBG exchanges online stable coin QuickCash (QC coins)

2018-08-25 10:00:00

    According to official news, the stable coin QC will be launched on the ZBG exchange at 15:00 on August 28th and will open the QC replenishment currency with ZT/QC, AITT/QC and other digital currencies at 15:00 on the same day. QC Coin, a digital currency based on Qtum smart contracts, was developed by the QuickCash Singapore team and is an independent digital currency issued by the QC Foundation. The price is $0.15 (1RMB).

    As a platform to support more types of digital currencies, ZBG will adopt the SGD rules of the GEM, and the online ranking mechanism of “accumulated recharge number of people” will be based on the number of recharge accounts in each of the GEM support currencies. The top-ranked currency will be eligible to open a transaction at ZBG.

    As the new online exchange, ZBG is the most important thing for the QuickCash team to use ZBG as a direct screening project. A good project will directly affect the transaction volume of the QC trading zone and the most effective way to increase the market ratio of QC coins.