QuickCash creates a usage scenario for digital currency retail payments, which will involve offline payments

2018-07-09 14:00:00

    This year belongs to the blockchain. Various industries are working hard to study the application of blockchain technology in real-world scenarios. As we all know, QuickCash has been committed to the digital currency financial payment industry, combining projects with more realistic scenarios has become a vital link, and offline payment POS machines may be the best entry.

    It is reported that QuickCash cooperates with traditional POS vendors to develop a smart blockchain POS machine to create a digital currency retail payment usage scenario, and to enable the physical business. The POS machine is also a digital currency wallet that supports multi-currency payment. Provide traffic portals for domestic and foreign partners.

    For the privacy of the transaction that users are most concerned about, QuickCash COO said: Each POS machine is a centralised node, and the critical transaction data and private data are not linked, and only the mining record is provided. QuickCash POS is an intelligent sales terminal designed for cryptocurrency and blockchain services. In addition to meeting mobile payment scenarios, it can also:

    1. Use cash, credit card, etc. to buy BTC, ETH, LTC, PXS and other cryptocurrencies;

    2. Sell BTC, ETH, LTC, PXS and other digital currencies to obtain cash;

    3. Recharge the cryptocurrency wallet;

    4. Use cryptocurrency to purchase services such as call charges, traffic, utilities, etc.

    5. Use cryptocurrency to buy goods.

    All QuickCash POS machines are connected to the network in real time, and the QuickCash POS software and database can be updated at any time to support new features.