In the case of the stable coins' instability, where should trade hedging go?

2018-06-27 13:52:00

    On October 15th the price of the USDT, the world's largest stable coin, plunged sharply in a matter of hours and set a record for the longest streak of losses, in what is widely regarded as the world's largest stable currency in a deep crisis of confidence. At the same time, we realise that the future USDT is not the only stable currency, and begin to pay attention to other stable currencies other than USDT.

    Along with the "diving" event of the stable coin USDT, the major exchanges will launch a variety of stable currencies from the 15th of this month. Less than 12 hours after the USDT crash, OKEx was the first to announce that it was about to launch the four major stable coins of TUSD, USDC, GUSD, PAX. And thenP.Net, Coinex, Ku coin and other exchange markets have launched the corresponding stable coin, and more exchange markets have joined the stable coin party. It may provide a chance for the stability of the currency to develop, a change in the USDT unified, stable coin world situation.

    As a stable coin issued in 2017, QC has also broken through the average daily turnover of 3 billion but is still moving forward steadily, and this month launched two exchange markets, namely the DBoss Exchange Market and the Singapore Dollar Multi-Network.

    For users, QC stable coin is a safe, secure and fast stable coin. Users can top up and trade via the on-line QC exchange. At the same time, QC stable coin value 0.15USD is equivalent to 1CNY, in use, trading information at a glance. QuickCash is also understood to be also strengthening its firewall to enhance the security of the stable coin further.