QuickCash (QC coins) Supports Multiple Currency Transactions, and the Daily Average Trading Volume has now Exceeded to 1 billion

2018-03-21 13:00:00

    As the primary stable digital currency of the current mainstream exchanges, USDT has become one of the ordinary means of storing the value of investors. It is second only to Bitcoin's average daily market liquidity and the market value of more than 2 billion US dollars, let other assets And practitioners can't help but try to seize the opportunity in this new market where supply is only 1% of the global market capitalisation.

    Stable coins are not just USDT. Under the bear market and the undecided market regulation, the stable coin is getting more and more attention from the market. The launch of related new projects and large-scale institutions also began to increase. QuickCash (QC coin) is also one of the stable currencies.

    As a stable coin issued based on statutory asset pledge, QC Coin was released in November 2017. QC Coin has already cooperated with several exchanges, launched OTC trading, and has already supported multiple currency trading pairs. As of March this year, the average daily trading volume of QC coins has exceeded 1 billion.