The EXX trading market that supports QuickCash stable coin QC is online, and users no longer need to worry about falling currency prices

2017-11-30 12:00:00

    Until September, China banned the use of RMB to purchase digital currency. Except for a few players who have withdrawn from the market, most players have turned into currency transactions, that is, mutual deals of digital currencies without involving legal currency.

    In the case that the legal currency cannot enter the market, the currency transaction becomes the first choice for most players. However, currency transactions have pronounced shortcomings:

        1. Assets are challenging to realise; there is no stable legal currency acceptor

        2. There is no haven channel when the market price fluctuates greatly.

    The EXX exchange is based on the stable currency QC, 1QC=CNY, and users can trade through the EXX exchange at any time without having to complete a series of complex real-name certifications.

    The QC is an independent digital currency developed by the QC Foundation established by the QuickCash Singapore team and is priced at $0.15 (1RMB). The QC Foundation allows some of it to become circulated in the form of digital currency mortgages.  The collateral can be one of BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, QTUM, HSR, etc. All users can participate in a lease and public display.

    The most significant feature of QC is that it is equivalent to the renminbi. This feature makes it a token of volatility in the cryptocurrency market.

Advantage 1: stable coin, a haven

    Every time the digital currency market encounters extreme market conditions, all traders and investors are looking for a stable currency. QC is stable at the price of 1 RMB, which has become the new favourite of investors when the market is reversing. For example, if you use EHT to purchase BTC and both currencies are falling, then you will suffer two losses. At this time, you only need to purchase QC in time, you can stop the damage in time, and it is convenient to short.

Advantage 2: Convenient to realise

    The most significant disadvantage of currency trading is that there is no stable liquidation channel. Although it can buy USDT and then withdraw it from the official website, complex real-name certification and high foreign exchange handling fees are not friendly to the Chinese. The QC on the EXX is exempt from high handling fees and complicated real-name accreditation, and the withdrawal fee is only one-thousandth.

    For the currency circle, the emergence of QC is undoubtedly a major positive.