QuickCash Changes New Contract Address for Its Application Scenarios Expansion

2020-12-02 12:00:00

Dear users,

With the continuous enrichment of QuickCash application scenarios, QuickCash has now added a new method for users to exchange QCash(QC) stablecoin at a ratio of 1 QC=0.15USDT on its official website, and support more mainstream currencies collateral for mint QC.

In addition, in order to better support DeFi scenarios, ETH2.0 ecosystem and allow more cross-chains to support ERC20-QC, QuickCash adjusted the contract of QCash(QC). We released the 10 billion QCash(QC) at the new contract address(0xDD2955B7b00cFcDE3C49dc212709a97Da182eF3e) and will burn 10 billion QC at the old contract address (0xE74B35425fE7E33EA190b149805baF31139a8290).

With this adjustment, the name, total issuance and circulation of QCash(QC) remain unchanged, and users' deposits and withdrawals of QC on QuickCash website are not affected.

We will support the QC deposits of the old and new contract for a period of time. The QC withdrawals will be new QC from 18:00 on December 2, 2020(UTC+8). If you hold the old contract QC in other wallets, please deposit the old contract QC to QuickCash to exchange for the new contract QC before December 7.  .


QCash(QC) Original Contract Address: 0xE74B35425fE7E33EA190b149805baF31139a8290

QCash(QC) New Contract Address: 0xDD2955B7b00cFcDE3C49dc212709a97Da182eF3e


In the future, we may adjust the allocation of new and old QC contracts according to QCash application scenarios and users' demands for using QC.


Thank you for your support!


Quickcash Team

December 2, 2020