The only mining incentive token on the IPFS

Distributed storage, 70% of the total amount is used for mining rewards.

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FIL (Filecoin) is a token on the well-known project IPFS. Using a proof-of-work algorithm, miners can get FIL rewards by contributing hard disk computing power. The full name of IPFS is Inter Planetary File System, which translates as "Inter Planetary File System", which is a P2P distributed file hypermedia transmission protocol, which is benchmarked against the traditional Internet HTTP protocol. The FIL token is essentially used to incentivize IPFS professional storage service providers to provide more security Stable storage service. FIL is the only incentive layer on IPFS. Miners obtain FIL by providing storage and retrieval services to users, and users also hire miners to store and distribute data by spending FIL.  

Issue Date:2020-10-15


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